Call for articles:

Per Concordiam is poised to publish a new edition focused on Energy Security, with new viewpoints and updated information on the changing energy landscape. Alumni and interested authors are invited to submit abstracts for consideration. Articles should focus on energy security within Europe or in other regions that affect European security. All topics will be considered based on their respective academic and policy areas. General areas for consideration may include:

  • General issues dealing with the changing energy landscape: perspectives of the global energy market in the context of security.
    • Deprioritizing certain energy sources (fossil fuels) to reduce global warming.
    • Prioritizing renewable energy sources.
    • Nuclear Energy: A long-term solution or an immediate problem?
  • Russia’s failed weaponization of energy resources.
  • The Impact of the European Green Deal on Energy.
  • Regional complexes:
    • Russia vs. the European Union.
    • The impact of the war on the energy situation of Ukraine.
    • Western Balkans: energy situation and outlook.


  • Interested authors should submit brief abstracts by March 1, 2024.
  • Abstracts should be forwarded to for consideration.




  • Articles will be edited for length, clarity and Associated Press style.
  • Articles should not contain footnotes, citations, or a source list. If a quote is used, the source is to be included in the text. For example: In her January 2023 article for per Concordiam, Dr. Author’s Name explains there is “no need for footnotes.”
  • Articles aligned with the quarterly theme should not exceed 3,500 to 4,000 words. Longer submissions are accepted; however, authors should expect their submissions to be edited for length.
  • If copyrighted material is used, it is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright holder. Names of authors, places and publishing houses must be written in their original form.
  • Articles can be in English or, depending on the language (check with editor when submitting interest), translated into English.


  • To be printed, photos submitted with the article must be high resolution and not a screen grab affixed to a Word document or PDF.
  • As with all copyrighted material, it is the author’s responsibility to get permission to use photos and to provide the proper photo credit.
  • Authors must also provide caption information that identifies people, place, date and action pictured in the image.


  • Authors must provide a high-resolution photo (mugshot) for the issue’s contributor’s page.
  • Do not send a CV/resume. A short bio of about five lines is best.


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